Pasta Sensory Tray



So this is one of my cheap and easy chuck in a tray and go activities. I brought lil dude a baking tray from Asda for 80p I planned to use it for a magnetic play tray for his letters etc. Well we had a pretty hard day with a seriously grumpy teething toddler and desperation to get the dinner done drew me to the kitchen cupboard. Poured a bag of leftover dried pasta in the tray and chucked a few diggers in. I was not sure this would hold his attention but he was fascinated by it and the tray was left in our front room for a few days with various toys added and some amazing scenarios played out. I was pulled in to assist with bulldozing and then building a playground followed by moving in the dinosaurs to drive the diggers. Ok so not very romantic an idea and yes I could have spent a lot more time developing a small world scene but I find sometimes in times of need these simple ideas are the best!!


About prehistoricplay

Me and my dino mad 2 year old fumbling through life trying to reduce our consumer lead activities and entertain and educate for less.
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