Car Painting

Another simple MESSY one….
One large sheet of lining paper cheap as chips from anywhere that sells wallpaper. We were lucky enough to find some at our local pound land so stocked up. I covered the table in it poured some paint into a paper plate and put a few cars on the paper. Our purpose was to make wrapping paper so explained that it was for his cousin and let him loose!
Cars rolled this way and that he loved the lines and soon the cars were being painted and then hands which were splodging paint everywhere. Thank god I have laminate as when the cars were dropped they rolled under the table leaving a trail lol my advice is use a mat if you have carpet. The end results definitely wouldn’t win any prizes it was a huge red splodge. But wow did we have a giggle and lil dude’s expression when painting the cars with his tongue out in concentration was priceless. Will deffo be doing this one again but back to the drawing book for the wrapping


About prehistoricplay

Me and my dino mad 2 year old fumbling through life trying to reduce our consumer lead activities and entertain and educate for less.
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