Digger Land!!!

With the sun making a much needed appearance we are dusting off the cobwebs and hitting the garden ahhh my lovely garden it’s such a treat with patio, flower beds and pergola. Our old house had a square of lawn which was open to next door and had nooo play opportunities whatsoever. Well as soon as I saw those mud filled flower beds I started plotting. All over blog land I have seen beautiful fairy gardens and boy would I love one! My lil dude on the other hand nooot so much he really is a boy!! Pair that with my darling hubby who was highly unimpressed with the kitchen I purchased lil dude I thought a fairy garden really would push the limits! Lil dude loves his diggers so I rolled with that and we came up with digger land. I started off using a long flowerpot and filling with stones compost and diggers and if you have a restricted space this would be a great option (would recommend a play mat underneath). I found this was slightly restricting and there was compost all over the patio. So digger land was relocated to the flower bed and am so glad it was it’s a fab addition to the garden and encourages lots of Independent play. This idea then lead on to Dino land in another section of the flower bed which is a working progress but similar concept.


About prehistoricplay

Me and my dino mad 2 year old fumbling through life trying to reduce our consumer lead activities and entertain and educate for less.
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