Sometimes you just have to admit defeat!


Well my attempt at bubble playdough went wrong it was a shambles really. I won’t waste your time with a recipe that has been proven to fail. It was ment to gloop and dribble and stretch till it drooped. My version crumpled and spilt and generally sucked! It was a lesson in organisation as was a last minute idea with a two year old hanging off my arm and boy did I know it. So we’ll put this one down to experience and make the next attempt at nap time! I still wanted to share as we still had fun with it hr emptied his dinos in and had a good hour getting mucky. It just goes to show that you don’t need to make the perfect small worlds or be a great crafter to have fun with your kiddiewinks.


About prehistoricplay

Me and my dino mad 2 year old fumbling through life trying to reduce our consumer lead activities and entertain and educate for less.
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