About Us


Welcome to my attempt at being supermum!!
Lol ok so lets pop back down to reality I’m mum to lil dude (2 1/2) we live in sunny Suffolk not quite in the countryside but close enough to smell the daisy’s when we fancy. I work part time for hubby’s recruitment agency which mean’s I can be home with lil dude and work around him. My assistant fen tiger can be seen in many a blog he is our 3 yr old cat and loves to get in on the action!
Lil dude is my budding palientologist the lil dude must think about dinosaurs on average once every five minutes. Hence the blog name as to name it anything else would be blatant false advertising!
I have always been crafty and spend a lot of time looking for new play ideas and ways to sneak in education. I was very focused on groups and getting out when lil dude was younger since then we have moved to a much better house with great surroundings and I just want to spend more time with my boy and get messy with him. I’m using this blog to encourage myself to get away from this commercial parenting and get back to basics.
Lil dude has never really wanted for anything he has always had plenty of toys and magazines on request and i have to admit I’m starting to see a glimmer of the i waaaaant bug. He is at the tantrum age and boy do i know it. My aim is to cut down the purchases and try to use what we have or what I can source as cheap as possible to create fun activities and concentrate on giving the gift of time. Wow cheesy i know but that’s the gist of it. I won’t say its all for his benefit we are saving for a house and i think that cutbacks are required so here goes!!!!


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