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Sometimes you just have to admit defeat!


Well my attempt at bubble playdough went wrong it was a shambles really. I won’t waste your time with a recipe that has been proven to fail. It was ment to gloop and dribble and stretch till it drooped. My version crumpled and spilt and generally sucked! It was a lesson in organisation as was a last minute idea with a two year old hanging off my arm and boy did I know it. So we’ll put this one down to experience and make the next attempt at nap time! I still wanted to share as we still had fun with it hr emptied his dinos in and had a good hour getting mucky. It just goes to show that you don’t need to make the perfect small worlds or be a great crafter to have fun with your kiddiewinks.

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Bewilderwood.. an amazing fun back to nature day!

So this place was fab just had to give it a mention…and show off the pics! It is a forest park which is based on the books of bewilderwood. Its a harry potter style magical kingdom and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the entire concept. This place is a wooden back to basics wonderland with not a Tele in site. The entire place is built around nature with treehouses built into the trees, wooden rope bridges and den building using huge sticks. Lil dude loved it and just ran free digging in sand climbing and everything a child should be doing in life. I must mention that this post is not sponsored I just wish there were more places like this in the world!IMG_0532
In the books you can read about the many mysterious creatures in the forest such as the crocklebog, the boggles and the twiggles (who built a lot of the attractions 🙂 Around the park you take a real boat past the crocklebog (a crocodile type creature called Mildred) and pass the boggles village into the main forest where you see evidence of various dwellings in the treetops some of which you can explore.
We have since brought the book and used it as inspiration for making a twiggles house in our garden (another post) and lil dude loves reading about it and keeps jabbering on about the crocklebog and twiggles.
I know days like this will form lifetime memories for my lil dude, memories I hope one day he’ll thank us for.




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Roadblock Shells

This was an unplanned lil play session. We were playing diggers on his play mat and pretending to dig roads a favourite toy in our house when we spotted the tray of shells. You’ll see from my other posts that we have been collecting loose parts to play outside and so having just got my hands on a bunch of shells and the weather not permitting us to play in the garden they have been chucked in a tray on the front rug. They have been used in many a game of hide and seek the shells and generally poured, tipped and counted.
So with my handsome assistant we created road blocks on the mat roads and then set to clearing them. This kept him amused for ages and soon the tray was turned to the builders site/dump where all the shells were cleared to we dug and transferred to tippers then drove to site to tip. Its a great way of adding a new aspect to an old toy.
Will be keeping some loose parts in the house too 🙂

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Ocean Small World


This is a spin off from the water beads post but deserved its own post we had a great fun found these water creatures at a car boot and just had to create an ocean to let them swim free! It’s basically a few washed rocks and water beads so an easy make!
Ok ok I know they are very unproportioned and I’m sure that in the real world crabs, whales and starfish wouldn’t be sat next to each other buuuut it was still a great learning opportunity as we chatted about the whale spraying water, stingray hiding at the bottom and the crab scuttling. My lil dude is 2 so I’m not out to teach him Latin names or breeding patterns. He just picks up little facts and enjoys playing in water.

On this hot day the water beads didn’t quite cut it so we went on to add water and ice to the mix which was great fun.


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The wonder of water beads!

So this is our first experience with water beads and I am sold! I cant stop playing with them. So they are not ready yet but lil dude has been playing with them already. Any water play and he’s in it. Beyond the excitement of the growing beads he asked if he could put his dinos in and had a field day before they were even ready. As I write this they are still soaking so watch this space for the results!

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Down on the farm

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